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We believe that investing in an inclusive and sustainable future means backing ground-breaking businesses with revolutionary ideas that can transform our world for the better. We collaborate with corporate organisations, funding institutions and impact investors who dare to venture new frontiers and invest in innovative SMEs that will shape our tomorrow.

End-To-End Fund Management

We provide innovative end-to-end fund management solutions that provide investors with the best of both worlds: solid financial returns combined with significant social impact. We use developmental and transformational capital as the vehicle for impact investment which in turn comes with varying legislative and compliance benefits creating all round value for our investors. Our funds provide small businesses with access to early-stage business finance as well as post-investment support to maximise growth and impact for SMEs.

Impact Funding

We specialise in funding for early-stage businesses showing high growth potential that support positive social, environmental and economic change. This type of funding yields a financial return and a social return for investors, whether in alignment with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors, UN sustainability goals, transformation and diversity and inclusion objectives, or a combination of all three. It’s the game-changer that advocates for a sustainable and balanced blend of both purpose and profit.

Transformation Funding

Transformation funding is instrumental in removing many of the obstacles on the road to ensuring black wealth creation and inclusive economic growth. This type of funding encompasses several sustainable solutions, including standalone ESD funding, funding for organisations to achieve black ownership and ring-fenced ESD funds to provide easy and cost-effective solutions delivering huge impact.

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