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Leading technological innovation

Automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are revolutionising many industries enabling increased productivity, improved quality and enhancing return on investment. The finance industry is still largely relying on established, but increasingly outdated, systems and methodologies that were efficient many years ago yet now prove to be a limiting factor in innovation and growth. At Alpha Gold we combine our extensive global experience and deep understanding of finance lifecycle processes with the development of our cloud-based platform for life finance automation alongside key partnerships with leading technology vendors. Through our finance technology-enabled services we are helping our customers to adopt and take advantage of innovative technologies to drive efficiency gains within their own operations.

Most accounting firms have the raw data at their fingertips – mass volumes of valuable historical data that can be analysed to predict future outcomes. At Alpha Gold we have the technology, know-how and experience to take this data and realise real, immediate and lasting benefits for our clients.

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